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Contact: Nicky Murphy
Telephone: Presbytery 020 8546 4633
Or see her at the 10.30am mass on Sunday

Liturgy of the Word for children at 10.30 am Sunday

The Directory for Masses with Children tells us that, in Masses with adults, it is necessary to take great care that the children present do not feel neglected because of their inability to participate or to understand what happens and what is proclaimed in the celebration.

For this reason the children have their own Liturgy of the Word every Sunday. This is following the guidelines issued by the Bishops of England & Wales where they say that the Liturgy of the Word can happen

  1. In a separate place
  2. In the church as part of Sunday Mass
  3. Alternating both of these.

The children’s Liturgy of the Word follows the same format as the one in the Church. It includes an introduction to the Gospel, a Gospel acclamation, a simplified version of the Gospel, a homily and some kind of appropriate activity to help break open the gospel. The children then rejoin the assembly for the Liturgy of the Eucharist.

Therefore we need to remember that

The children are divided into two groups and meet in seperate rooms for Childrens Liturgy:

We are always in need of new leaders and assistants, so if you feel you could offer this ministry contact the co-ordinator Nicky Murphy via the Presbytery (phone number above).

resources for children's liturgy

This area will be updated shortly with information and links for liturgists:

Younger age groups: Resources for liturgy for younger members.  Updates just before the Sunday in question.


family mass and children's liturgy meetings

This section of the site is notes for meetings regarding the family mass or children's liturgy meetings. Meeting minutes are usually distributed by email after the event but a copy will be held here.

Last liturgy meeting was 29/1/2012: word document to be uploaded.

Information for liturgists


• An informal structure is in place to help communication and ease new liturgists into the team.

• There are usually two people involved in the liturgy at each session. One is nominated leader for that group and one assistant but most teams find tasks are shared and the liturgy works best on a collaborative basis. The rota shows the different teams.

• There is no rule as to which age group you can help with. In practice most people either choose the age group of their child or an age group they enjoy working with.

Age groups:

6 years and under
7-13 years old


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