Christmas is coming…  
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… which means that we are getting closer to our
Christingle Service
This is a very special way of celebrating the real meaning of Christmas with all our friends, family and the whole St Agatha’s community. EVERYONE is welcome!

CHRISTMAS EVE in the Church at 4 p.m.
All children are invited to dress up as a shepherd, king, angel etc. Year 6 and secondary children will lead the narration and prayers, while the rest of KS2 children act.

Sunday 4th December  Please sign up for parts/ readings

Sunday 11th December after 10.30 Mass - parts and readings

Sunday 18th December after 10.30 Mass - practice 11.30 - 1 pm
(‘Sharing at Christmas’ Sunday- any contributions welcomed to make hampers for those less fortunate in our community)

Thursday 22nd December 10.00 - 12.30 practice in the Church.

Christingle making
Also on the THURSDAY 22nd (10.00-12.30) all ages are welcome (especially any Mums and Dads! We’ll even give you a cuppa !)
to join us in the Cloisters to make our Christingles and have a drink and biscuit.

Friday 24th December 4 p.m. Christingle service (approx 45mins)

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