Today, more than 100,000 people have now signed the 'Coalition for Marriage' petition opposing the Government's plans to redefine marriage. The petition was launched only a fortnight ago and has received massive support.  Visit the website now to sign the petition

 The Government's plans also hit the headlines  as Cardinal Keith O'Brien spoke out very strongly against the proposals. His intervention prompted Andrew Marr to comment: "I'm beginning to wonder if this could turn out to be David Cameron's version of the hunting ban which you may remember dogged Tony Blair, to everyone's surprise, for so long."

 The rapid take-up of this petition indicates the level of public support. This is just the beginning. Please help us keep up the momentum:
 Do all the church leaders in your area know about the campaign and have copies of the petition? Why not reach out to them?

 Could you take copies of the petition
  to neighbours, friends and family? Lets see it being signed in the streets, at the school gates and beyond.

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