I am pleased to be able to report to the parish that during the next few weeks a new Parish Priest will be appointed to our parish. It has been decided that the Missionaries of St Paul, a religious order well known and established for some time in our diocese, will be given responsibility for the pastoral care of the Parish of St Agatha. The resident community here will consist in the outset of two priests, one of whom will be appointed as Parish Priest and the other will be responsible for the chaplaincy of Kingston Hospital. The existing chaplain at the hospital is, as many already know, Fr Julius Otoaye who is also parish priest of St Pius X, Norbiton. It is felt that the responsibilities of Chaplain and Parish Priest jointly are now becoming excessive and more time needs to be given by the Chaplain to the Hospital in regard to the care of both the patients and the staff. This means that very shortly we will have a religious community caring for this Parish community and helping us develop new and existing ways of living our faith and expressing that faith to the wider community here in Kingston upon Thames. Knowing very well the Parish community of St Agatha, I am certain that you will welcome the new priests who will live and work with you here, and if they experience, as I am certain they will, the same affection and support that Fr Gerry and I have received, then the time they spend here will be truly enriching for them. As soon as a firm date has been agreed and we are advised of the new Parish Priest’s name, I will confirm these details to you in the normal way via the Parish Newsletter. Fr Geoffrey


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