URGENT URGENT WE NEED YOUR HELP!!  Please follow the link below to sign the petition against Assisted Suicide being made legal in the UK.




Assisted Dying Bill - A message from the Archbishop 

The Bill to legalise ‘assisted dying’ - meaning assisted suicide - will be debated in the House of Lords on 18th July 2014.  There will be a free vote because it is not government legislation.  If passed, this Bill would place vulnerable people at serious risk.  Especially if you have direct experience of caring for a dying person, either as a family member or as a health or social care professional, please write before 18th July to a Peer to tell them of your views.  It is very important to write as soon as possible and certainly before 18th July.  See this link for further information:-


And don’t forget to:

  1. Brief yourself. This is essential if you are to engage effectively. The best single resource I have come across is here: http://www.catholic-ew.org.uk/Home/Featured/Assisted-Dying-Bill I recognise this is a Catholic resource and by no means all recipients of this email are Catholic. But on this matter I am confident we are as one and the information and arguments used do not appeal exclusively to Catholic teaching but rather to the values we all share in pursuit of the common good.
  2. Write to members of the House of Lords. Guidance on approach and practicalities may be found through the link above.  Letters should be received by the 15th to be effective so please ignore my example and act promptly on this.
  3. Write to your MP. Although the Bill has not yet reached the Commons (and will not do so if past experience is repeated) a strong lobby of MPs against the Bill will inform the Lords' debate.
  4. Attend the rally against the Bill which will take place on the 18th outside Parliament. For further information see: http://www.notdeadyetuk.org/notdeadyet-news.html
  5. Support the growing support for the petition AGAINST assisted dying – use the link below:http://www.change.org/petitions/david-cameron-follow-through-on-your-declared-support-for-the-idea-that-assisted-dying-should-not-be-legalised?recruiter=38605082&utm_campaign=signature_receipt&utm_medium=email&utm_source=share_petition

You will also find a helpful list of action points here:  http://www.carenotkilling.org.uk/resources/falconer-final-weeks/

Although attempts to legalise assisted suicide have always failed to date, we need to take into account the impact of the persistent, well-funded, campaign facilitated by a sympathetic media. It is claimed that a majority of the public now favour a change in the law. That the public have been exposed to just one side of the debate makes this understandable but the Lords may feel obliged to reflect the public view in their decisions. Additionally the composition of the Lords has changed significantly since the last time they were tested on this. So we cannot assume they will reject this proposal this time.

There is more to be said and I will be emailing again with more thoughts and a wider range of resources. But please do not wait for this: Do act as soon as possible.


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